The Spirit of Magic

For Rachel and her one in a million, Magic. "Those we hold most dear never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they showed, the comfort they shared and the love they have brought into our lives" - Isabel Norton Oils on canvas board, A4.

Equine Earth

Introducing the Equine Therapy herd at Equine Earth. Left to Right: Winnie (Winston), Zoro, Binx, Millie, Holly, Maisie, Jac and Bibi. The inspiration for many of my paintings (you may have noticed) is Jac my Welsh Arab pony. Jac now lives with this lovely healing herd of mainly ladies near in Stroud, Gloucestershire where they... Continue Reading →

Tree of Life

In Mythology, Ash was used to ward off evil spirits. The wood was thought to have medicinal and mystical properties. Ash was known as 'the tree of life' which is now under threat by Chalara Ash-dieback a fungal disease which has become a common feature in the UK. Efforts are underway from the Woodland Trust... Continue Reading →

Aurora Wilderness

As recommended by an old Art teacher, I used to collect images from magazines, travel brochures and newspapers that may be inspirational or useful for my art projects at a later date. Nowadays, with the internet images that come through various kinds of social media in day to day activities and I still am in... Continue Reading →

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