Woodland Secrets


Woodland Secrets. A4 canvas painting.

Unicorn, Inspiration, Art, Dorset

Background: This painting is based on my pony Jac who has always reminded me of a unicorn and he has a very shamanic presence. The light in the woodlands that day was amazingly bright and dappled onto the ground as it came in through the trees. This was the moment he first came into the woodlands and explored this part of his new home. He is blind in one eye so you can understand his reluctance, but I just know this boy ‘sees’ in other ways and navigated around just fine.

I could almost see the light suggesting there were fae folk and that he did have an etherical unicorn horn. I wanted to bring our two worlds closer, the one we see with the one we can feel by suggesting visually what we feel. Some people just see sunlight coming through trees and a horse, and others see a unicorn clearly and maybe the toadstools suggesting fae folk are just behind the trees.


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