Wolves, Northern lights, Artist, Art, Dorset

Aurora Wilderness

Wolves, Northern lights, Artist, Art, Dorset

As recommended by an old Art teacher, I used to collect images from magazines, travel brochures and newspapers that may be inspirational or useful for my art projects at a later date. Nowadays, with the internet images that come through various kinds of social media in day to day activities and I still am in this habit. For years I have had several images of the northern lights, its something I would love to see in my lifetime. I just decided to try painting my own version one night in a slightly meditative state, it seemed to work out the way I saw in my minds eye. I saw wolves in the foreground, like the aurora borealis, magical and majestic and would be a perfect partnership. I looked through my collection of animal images and found several inspirational wolf images that would help with anatomical guidance. I saw a clan of wolves, and felt one of them would be calling into the wilderness. The snow in the trees behind could suggest angel wings. But it was later I spotted a tree sprite and a wizard/green man created in the trees on the right, which could be luck of the paints or could be meditative ‘guidance’ depending on your beliefs. Perhaps they came through to answer the call of the wolves.

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