Unidorn, Horse, Art, Portrait, Ash Tree, Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Unidorn, Horse, Art, Portrait, Ash Tree, Tree of Life

Unicorn, Art, Georgie McBurneyIn Mythology, Ash was used to ward off evil spirits. The wood was thought to have medicinal and mystical properties. Ash was known as ‘the tree of life’ which is now under threat by Chalara Ash-dieback a fungal disease which has become a common feature in the UK. Efforts are underway from the Woodland Trust and various other charities and organisations to save/bank healthy seeds and are also trying to replicate the resistance to the disease that some Ash trees in Europe are displaying.

I wanted to capture the Ash Tree and its green man receiving healing energy by the woodland unicorn, the healing energy is enhanced further by the sun spirit or solar logos.

My inspiration for unicorns come from my best friend Jac, who always seems to know when I am thinking about another painting and more or less creates it for me. Sadly, the woodland that Jac lives in has Ash die-back a fungus which will end up killing all the Ash trees that live there. With any profits from this particular print I hope to buy membership of the Woodland Trust to help fund their research and buy a tree pack to help restore the ancient woodland where Jac lives.

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