Equine, Art, Portraits, Psychic Artist, Fantasy

Georgie enjoys capturing the soul of our animal friends onto canvas and usually works with oil paints and from several photographs (with a bit of artistic licence). Georgie formally studied Fine Art up to A-level, but to support herself she instead embarked on other careers such as the Army, Police and Teaching and painted in her spare time (if there was any).

Today a Registered Counsellor, Georgie now takes regular time out to both paint and write which gives her a creative outlet and supports her own emotional and mental well-being.  Georgie is also Equine Facilitated Counsellor and her pony Jac is the inspiration for many of her non-commissioned paintings which explore etheric, psychic and fantasy elements to our consciousness.

Georgie is currently exhibiting at the Engine Room in Poundbury, Dorchester as a member of Artwey in 2019.