Engine Room, Exhibition, Artwey, Georgie McBurney



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Engine Room, Artwey, Exhibition, Georgie McBurney
2 Jan – 23 Jan 2019: Engine Room, Poundbury, Dorset.

At the Engine Room: Paintings Available.

Forthcoming Exhibitions:

15 May – 12 Jun: Cafe Oasis, Weymouth, Dorset. Exhibiting with Jane Keogh.

10 Jul – 07 Aug: Posh Partridge, Poundbury, Dorset. Exhibiting with Becky Brown.

07 Aug – 04 Sep: Posh Patridge, Poundbury, Dorset. Exhibiting with Becky Brown.

02 Oct – 30 Oct: Tuga, Weymouth. Exhibiting with Julie Hackett.

Previous stall/exhibitions

Christmas Stall, Lulworth Lodge, 2018, Juniper, Wildyed
08 Dec 2018: Christmas Stall, Lulworth Lodge, Dorset. Georgie with her feary doors and toadstools, alongside Jane Keogh from Wildyed with felted animals, naturally dyed wools and scarfs. Supporting Eve Higgs with her resin necklaces.